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    Undertake the construction project of the DFSTW gas turbine test plant
    On May 27, 2017, the commencement ceremony of the test workshop of the 50MW gas turbine test plant construction project of DFSTW was held at the construction site of the project... 【Read All】
    Company has won the "top 100 private enterprises in sichuan province"... 2018-12-12
    On December 7, Our company won the 80th place in the top 100 private enterprises in sichuan…
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  • Promotional video In 2014 2017-06-23
  • VI proposal Book 2017-06-23
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    About SCCD

    ??????? Sichuan construction development co., LTD. Is located in no. 6 north of huashan road Deyang city, the registered capital of 100 million yuan, with the building construction, real estate development, commercial retail, hotel management as the core industry, environmental protection engineering, automobile trade, building tower crane manufacture, import and export trade, mechanical processing, property management and integrated industry as one of the large private company.

    ????????"Win-win cooperation" and "common development", We sincerely welcome your cooperation!

    ????????CONTACT NUMBER:0838-2821579

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